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The province of Granada holds an unimaginable quantity and variaty of touristic attractions in a area of only 13.000 Km2. The Alhambra, the most visited monument of Spain and one of the most beautifull of the world; The Sierra Nevada, one of Europe's best ski resorts; and the sunny beaches of the Costa del Sol at a distance of only 1,5 hours by car or bus.

Patio Leones

The city of Granada bewitches her visitors with its great history and beautifull monuments. It has a top notch cultural calendar, a whole range of festivals and traditions, and a lively atmosphere generated by more than 60,000 students at Granada university.
Because of these reasons is a good idea to spend a great holidays learning in our Spanish Institute in Granada, Granalingua.

View from the Alhambra

For lovers of nature and rural tourism, the province is home to five natural parks and a national park. Enjoy peace and quiet in the little villages in the Alpujarras, an almost unspoilt area, where time seems to have stopped and where you can take excelent walks with amazing views on the white villages below and the snowy mountaintops of the Sierra Nevada.



Explore more inland areas, like the Marquesado and the Altiplano, which show an incredible contrast between almost moonlike desert landscapes and the leafy vegetation of the surrounding hills. Or, in the west of the province, visit the Granada Poniente with its great islamic heritage and breathtaking monuments.

Sierra Nevada


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