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Flamenco class


Computer- and recreation area


The school building is located in a quiet and safe area in the centre of the city, just a stonethrow away from the Cathedral and within a walking distance of the Alhambra. The school is a spacious building with bright classrooms equiped with airconditioning, comfortable chairs and audio-visual equipment.


Because of the schools central location it is very easily accesible by bus and other means of public transport. This also makes the snowy mountains of the Sierra Nevada and the sunny beaches of the Costa del Sol easily accesable at almost any time of the day.

The school also has a recreational area where the students can watch TV/Video, exchange experiences or try their progress on their international fellow-students, read the newspaper or just relax with a cold beverage. There is also a computer area with internet so you can keep in touch with your family and friends at home.


individual classes

All our teachers are selected according to their academic credentials and are university-trained, native speakers of the Spanish language.



Our teachers goal is to explain theoretical concepts clearly before putting them into practical use of everyday situations. Equally important is their ability to create a comfortable and stimulating classroom atmosphere.



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