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When can I start a course?
Courses for absolute beginners start every first Monday of the month. All the other courses start every Monday throughout the year.  

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How much is the entrance fee and when do I have to pay?
There is a fee of 30 € that is due after you have received the invoice.

 Where is the accommodation located?
The student apartments as well as the host families are always located within a short distance from the schools. From your place of residence to school will usually only take 5 to 10 minutes by foot.

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Where is the school located?
In the centre of the city, very close to the big Cathedral, between the river and the main street Recogidas just 20 minutes by foot from the Alhambra and the Albaicín.
Carrera del Genil, 23
ranada 18008


When do the classes start?
All classes start at 8:30 in the morning and finish between 12:30 (Standard course) and 15:30 (Intensive Plus course). This way you will have plenty of time the rest of the day to plan your own activities.


Can I prepare my own meals if I choose to stay in an apartment?
Yes, your completely furnished apartment includes a fully-equipped kitchen that you have at your disposal. In Addition, you will find there are shops and supermarkets nearby.



Do I have to bring my own sheets and blankets if I choose to stay in an apartment? What about towels?
Blankets and sheets are all included and will be changed every week. The only thing you do have to bring are your own towels.

teacher team

Does the school organize any excursions or trips, and if so, are they included in the price?

The school organizes all kinds of trips in Granada and to nearby cities, but they are not included in the tuition fee.


fiestaDoes the school organize any social activities or parties?
Yes we do! Every Tuesday there is a welcome-party for the new students and we also organize beach parties, traditional Spanish paellas or barbacoas.



Are there any sports activities?
Yes, we organize tennis tournaments, horse-riding outings, volleyball matches, biking trips, etc.

What advantages does Granada have to offer?
Granada is a student city that is the year round overflown by students, with an exuberant nightlife as well as a wide selection of cultural and sportive possibilities at the daytime.

Is Granada a cultural city with all kinds of attractions for visitors?
The city of Granada bewitches her visitors with its great history and beautifull monuments. It has a top notch cultural calendar, a whole range of festivals and traditions, and a lively atmosphere generated by more than 60,000 students at Granada university.
Because of these reasons is a good idea to spend a great holidays learning in our Spanish Institute in Granada, Granalingua.

What day trips do are recommended?
The province of Granada holds an unimaginable quantity and variaty of touristic attractions in a area of only 13.000 Km2. The Alhambra, the most visited monument of Spain and one of the most beautifull of the world; The Sierra Nevada, one of Europe's best ski resorts; and the sunny beaches of the Costa del Sol at a distance of only 1,5 hours by car or bus.

Are there many bars and discos?
Yes, even by Spanish standards, Granada's nightlife is quite extraordinary. Tapas bars, salsa clubs, discos, something for everyone.

What are the shop and bank opening times?
Shops in the centre are open from 10.00 untill 14.00 and from 17.00 untill 21.00 because of the Siesta.
Banks open in the mornings from 09.00 untill 14.00 and some also open on Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings except in the summer.

Are there many tourists?
Yes, Granada is a major tourist destination, with national and international visitors as well as many international students.

Should I tip?
No, as in the rest of Spain you can round off a bill and leave a little more in classy restaurants but never as much as 10%.

Which are the best months for me to come and do my language course?
Different months offer different advantages. In winter there are fewer tourists and you can go skiing. In summer you can go to the coast and lie around in the sun! Absolute beginner classes always start every first monday of the new month.

I'm coming alone. Is this a good idea?
Yes, most of our students travel alone and this way are more open to making new friends.

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