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Skiing in the Sierra NevadaGranada, with its central location in the province of Andalucía, offers so many things to do it´s almost to much to mention.
The Granalingua school organises a wide range of social and cultural activities. Some examples are excursions to different monuments and museums, famous buildings in the city and the province as well as of course the Alhambra. Besides that we organise interesting trips to the countryside for nature lovers, trips to other cities in the province, the sunny beaches of the Costa del Sol and for the more sporty students we organise trips to the snowy mountain tops of the Sierra Nevada.


Discover the typical 'Spanish kitchen' with our “Safari de Tapas”, where we take you on a tour through some of the best the tapas bars of the town where students normally spend the rest of the night partying until the next morning.




''Barbacoa''Furthermore we organize “Paella”-evenings, show you how to make “Gazpacho” or “Tortilla” in our cooking classes and have barbeques when possible. Whenever our students are interested we are pleased to show them some of the secrets of the Spanish kitchen.
Unfortunately not all activities can be offered in every school.

Granada is a city that is the year round overrun by students, with an exuberant nightlife as well as a wide selection of cultural and sportive possibilities at the daytime.



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