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For your stay you can choose between the following types of accommodations:


You can choose between 2-, 3- or 4 bedroom apartments which you share with other international students. The apartments are furnished in a typical Spanish style with a fully equipped kitchen and one- or two bathrooms.

Single or double rooms are available on request and you can arrange self-catering. All apartments are located a short distance from the school, shopping facilities and beaches.

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Spanish families are well known for their hospitality, sense of humour and life spirit. Students usually feel right at home with their families where they enjoy the unique opportunity to fully integrate into the Spanish family life. The intimate relationship with the family encourages the natural use of every-day Spanish.

Host Family

Staying with a host family is an important and rewarding part of the student's learning process. The students receive their own house key and are only required to bring their own towels. Students can choose between half-board or full-board, as well as accommodation in a single or a double room. If there is more than one student with a family we will look for an international roommate in order to encourage the use of Spanish 24 hours a day. To select the type of accommodation that suits you best or to inform us of any special (nutritional) needs, you can indicate your preference on the bottom of the registration form.

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If you prefer an individual stay we also provide the service to make arrangements for you at a hotel or pension nearby the school which meets your personal requirements.


We're looking forward to meet you!!!

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